Founded upon the principals of honesty, respect, and a tireless work ethic, the law firm of Nemeth & Oedzes, LLC, brings to its client relationships a level of professionalism that can best be described as personal at its core.

As former prosecutors, we understand that everyone has a unique set of circumstances.  No two cases are the same.  And no two clients have the same backgrounds.  We take the time to get to know our clients on a personal level.  We know most issues are never as cut and dry as they may seem on paper, which is why the attorneys of Nemeth & Oedzes, LLC, take it upon themselves to precisely sort through the layers of every issue a client presents to us.

Beyond the issues presented by our clients, the attorneys of Nemeth & Oedzes, LLC, also work diligently to manage our clients’ expectations.  We never make false promises and we never create a false sense of hope.  What we do is use our experience as seasoned criminal and civil litigators to provide our clients with a variety of outcomes based upon the evidence we receive from the moment we initially consult with our clients through the duration of the case, because we realize the legal process is a fluid and constantly-changing one.  What may have been a viable solution on one court appearance may no longer be viable on a subsequent court appearance, but we at Nemeth & Oedzes, LLC, can help you successfully navigate those moments in life and explain the process to you in a respectful manner.

When the time comes for legal representation regarding civil or criminal matters, the attorneys of Nemeth & Oedzes, LLC, bring to the courtroom an unmatched level of aggressive representation, business acumen, and negotiation skills to give our clients the representation they deserve.